What is Rollup in blockchain?

Rollup was developed to address the scalability limitations of blockchains, especially Ethereum. As the demand for blockchain usage increased, it led to network congestion and high fees.

  • Solutions that could increase throughput without compromising security have explored Layer 2 scaling solutions, built on top of the Layer 1 Blockchain base layer.

What is Rollup?

Rollup is a powerful technical solution designed to enhance the scalability of the base layer while minimizing the trust assumptions.

In a nutshell, Rollup is a blockchain that inherits the consensus (Consensus) and data availability (Data Availability) from another blockchain.

There are two different approaches to building Rollup:

  • Default design, Rollup comes with a default Bridge to interact with the base layer.

  • Sovereign Rollup, Rollup does not come with a default Bridge.

The first design is widely adopted in the market because it allows for a connection that minimizes trust assumptions with the base layer and brings many advantages in developing the ecosystem.

See details: What is Rollup? The trade-off between sovereignty and cultural alignment with the base layer


Vietnamese: Rollup trong blockchain là gì?