What is CDK (Chain Development Kit)?

The term CDK is becoming more and more popular in blockchain, especially when it comes to Modular chains.

  • Software development kit (SDK) is a collection of pre-designed tools, libraries, code samples, documentation, and other resources that are designed to make software development easier. This term is popular in traditional software development.
  • In the Crypto market, CDK (Chain Development Kit) also plays a similar role to SDKs but focuses on supporting the construction of custom blockchains.

In the context of Modular Blockchain, Chain Development Kit (CDK) is a specialized software toolkit specifically designed to help developers easily build custom blockchains that suit their needs.

Chain Development Kit (CDK) includes libraries and components that are usually pre-configured, and they are often modularized from prominent blockchain projects that are already operating on mainnet. Some popular CDKs on the market include, Polygon CDK, OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, Zk Stack.

  • Some CDKs are open source, anyone can use and contribute to the common development, some have certain constraints on users determined by the CDK issuer.

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