What is Blockspace?

In blockchain, blockspace is considered an essential component that affects the performance and scalability of the network.

Blockspace, also known as block space, is the actual data storage capacity of a block on the blockchain. It is similar to the hard drive capacity of a computer, but instead of storing files and folders, blockspace stores transaction information and related data.

We often confuse the two concepts of blockspace and block size. In which, block size (or block size), refers to the maximum storage capacity of the block, while blockspace is the actual storage capacity of the block.

Block size is determined by the network’s consensus rules and can be adjusted over time, while each block will have a different blockspace based on the actual storage capacity of each block.

In addition to transaction data, each block also contains other information such as block header, nonce, block creation time and other information related to the blockchain validation and construction process.

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